K-pop World Festival

공지 : KBS 다큐멘터리 3일 "아마르꼬레아" 칠레 K-POP콘테스트 video



  • Japan9. 29(Sat), Tokyo
  • China8. 11(Sat), 751 Theater
  • Vietnam8. 30(Thu), Hanoi city theater
  • Philippines7. 21(Sat), Cultural Center Auditorium
  • Indonesia7. 11(Wed)-12(Thu), Gndaria City Shopping mall
  • Sydney8. 3(Fri), University of NSW
  • TaiwanIn August, Taipei
  • ChengduIn July-August, Eastern Music Park or Chengdu TV stations
  • India8. 25(Sat), Nehru University venues, New Delhi
  • New Zealand4.28(Sat),


  • EnglandWill be held
  • France8. 31(Fri), Concert Hall
  • Germany8. 25(Sat), Cultural Center
  • RussiaWill be held
  • Kazakhstan3.10(Sat), Astana5.19(Sat), Almaty
  • Spain7. 26(Thu), Cultural Center or Separate Theater
  • Poland8. 10(Fri), Cultural Center Theater


  • Argentina8. 18(Sat), Paseo La Plaza Complex Theater Pablo Neruda Hall
  • Mexico8. 18(Sat), Julio Castillo Theater
  • Chile8. 18(Sat), Teatro Oriente Theater
  • El Salvador8. 18(Sat), Foundation for Education & Culture Auditorium
  • Panama5. 26(Sat), Technological University of Panama Theater
  • Guatemala 
  • Paraguay8. 15(Tue), Dia de la Fundacion de Asuncion
  • Costa Rica6. 23(Sat), Embassy Event Hall
  • Dominica4.29(Sun), Outdoor Performance Hall in Santo Domingo Exhibition Grounds
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