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Global Festival for Everyone in the World All Together with K-POP!

K-POP, a Unicode in All Over the World!
Events to enjoy with fans in the world wildly exciting for K-POP
Global project <The 2nd K-Pop World Festival 2012 >

Advancing to the final after preliminary round hosted by foreign country culture advertising agency in eleven countries in the world, teams visit Korea in person and compete with each other through mentoring system by KPOP celebrities and entertainment management companies in Korea for expansion of Korean wave and its base

<KPOP World Festival >, the second event starting from the last year, selects participants ranked on top in each group after going through strict competition in preliminary rounds from each country to advance to final round held in Seoul

Who will be participants advancing to the final round in the field of singing and dancing?
Who will be the participant making KPOP dreams come true and receive the winner award of ten million won?
Start opening the event to the public in the city of KPOP, Chignon, on September 28th